Bootstrap your WordPress with the world’s leanest, cleanest, and least expensive (free) UI framework for custom theme developers.

The most popular web tools, combined

The web runs on WordPress (41% of all websites), Bootstrap (27% of all websites), and Advanced Custom Fields (over 2,000,000 active installs). Flexy combines all three into an easy-to-use theme framework.

Google loves Flexy, and so will you

Google Web Dev scores indicate how they’ll rank your site: most WordPress sites fail miserably (test yours). Flexy makes it easy to score 90+ for Speed and straight hundos for Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

Explicitly designed for custom development

By providing just enough scaffolding out-of-the-box, Flexy lays a solid foundation so you can make the magic happen. Skip the repetitive B.S. and jump straight into implementing your unique design.

Relentlessly refined for top performance

The default WordPress mode is slow-as-sloth, but Flexy can strip your install down just the core essentials. Stop fighting WordPress, and start delighting visitors with exceptional performance.

Logically structured for easy maintenance

Flexy themes are organized around blocks and utility classes, so your code base will be as clean and DRY as a Shenzhen chip fab. Navigate, update, and edit your code base with ease.

Fully documented for seamless hand-offs

Any front-end developer with a basic understanding of WordPress, Bootstrap, and Advanced Custom Fields can easily take over a Flexy project. Rest easy knowing your team will always be up to speed.